Lord of Laudanum


Walk the Sumerian sands in a loathed desert, craft your weapons, grow your dope and battle to become an ancient drug-lord. Write the history of opium and fight the old gods, travel to alternate states to build your dream empire or visit the brothels of almost forgotten cities.

Nothing is what it seems and nothing will be. You will feast on your addiction while raising your skills, battle with gods to build your empire and march the hot sands of the Sumerian desert. Explore the world and your mind and remember,

… there can be only one Lord of Laudanum!



In this online world you’ll be set loose with:


Skill-based character progression

In this game, progress is molded by your skills; your path in Lord of Laudanum will be paved by crafting, combat and socializing. Each of them offering a variety of aspects to use for your character evolution. In the end all of them can be mastered, the choice is yours.



So many things in this world can be crafted. You cannot face the ferocious enemies and loot their gear without preparing yourselves…craft and gain power. Deploy Gathering, Woodcutting and Mining. Explore Manufacturing, Metalworking, Leatherworking, Cooking, Fishing or pump your basic stats with Engraving and Enhancing. It’s all there, waiting to be mastered.




Social skills: friendly, insulting, sexual

Social skills matter. Excel in them and you can control your reputation with factions, gain access to special quests and items or have a good laugh while testing the limits. Don’t forget to practice sex for it will make you a better person, insult the ones that you dislike to gain ranks for your faction. Social engineering should not be taken lightly.





The old world of Sumeria is divided in factions. Some are friendly, some neutral and some are bad-ass and will shoot you on sight. Gain reputation, enjoy perks, fight your opponents in honor of your faction. Find your way around and pick your favorable.


Drugs, lots of drugs

In this game you will play a part in the history of Opium, where it started and how it evolved. As Opium alone can be a bit boring, we have added an interesting variety of consumable substances for your tripping adventures. See for yourself but don’t overdo; There are some side effects to all good things in life, you need to balance the scales.






Filth, a dirty burden

It’s a dirty world, in many ways, and you will get filthy. Note that certain people will not talk or trade with you when unwashed. You disgust them. Remember this and wash up in time, nobody likes dirt in their bed.


Player housing, a private garden

The harsh life in the desert makes the people of Sumeria suspicious and not keen on trading with strangers. Well, take some drugs, trip and build an empire in your dreams. Whatever you harvest or craft here, is usable in the main world. It’s your private parallel universe.


Endgame addiction levels

A part of the progress is passing the point when you have used too much and too often the substances in game. That point is called addiction. No way back, we got you now. Your next hit is the only way forward and from now on, addiction levels are your concern. It’s intelligible to start with level 1 and ultimately you get hooked up to level 5. Wicked things are happening each level and more content will open as you move to your next hit.



Auction house

Need coin? No time to grind? You can trade your loot directly with other players or put it on sale at the Auction house. All Auction houses are interconnected; buy something from a distant house and pigeons will deliver your goods to your region.



You don’t have to be alone, we got you covered. At first, your companion may seem cute and funny but, as you progress, they will evolve in fierce warriors, ready to defend your back. Get them armored and in shape and you will have a worthy brother in arms.



Desert sand is hot! Why abrading your shoes when you can travel on a mount? Like all comfort, don’t take this ride lightly, you will have to earn him to appreciate him. Increased run speed is one thing, other perks will soon travel with you. Camels for instance, make great and reliable companions, just don’t forget to feed them.



Made With:


This game will come out for Linux and Windows and is completely developed on Linux with Unity3D