You will fail! But how long can you hack the system?!

SplatterBall Arena

As a computer virus, can you infect the big Bio-Computer to make it crash?

You receive color-codes from your control server and have to destroy as many BitCells as possible without being caught by the
robots of the system.

Take a look at our good friend from Lek’s Play playing our game:

Good luck!

SplatterBall Arena is a RollerBall-Endurance-Arena in which your attempt to hack the system will fail!

Making progress requires skill and a bit of luck!

Connect to Google Play, take control and get your name in the high scores, or battle it out with friends on your private leaderboards.

We will lose you in battle, but that’s ok, you’re expendable. We can clone you with some help from our sponsors.
Release date: 10th of August 2017