Who are we?!

Phuntec Studio? Never heared of them! and you’re right!

We’re a small international studio, based in Grenoble – France.

Who are we talking about?


Patrick RomgensCoder – Graphics: With roots in the old MSX standard, a passionate link with technology and having worked on several triple A titles as a lead and normal tester in quality assurance for Enzyme Testing Labs and Electronic Arts. Now’s the time to continue the creators adventure with Phuntec Studio.


Edwin HeinenStory Writer – Idea Tank: Edwin started writing poetry and short fiction prose in 1991. After leaving home to study in Amsterdam he soon got involved in the underground artistic environment and never finished his studies. His first publication was in 1993 in a Amsterdam newspaper. Breeding kids is bad for writing, so production was a low priority early 21th century. He refused to publish his poetry and took up his writing around 2015. The Belgian government acknowledged his status as an artist in 2017 and ever since he’s working on several projects.


David Ancelet3D Graphics – Graphics advisor: Having worked a lot on SplatterBall Arena, David made his entry as a 3D graphics artist in the game dev world. Anxious to continue his venture, but overburdened with his own project, he stays on-board as graphics advisor. We will keep you updated about his project!