X-Space – 1995


Phuntec Studio’s roots are on the old (but still not forgotten) MSX Platform.

During the mid 90s Patrick was part of Totally Chaos, a group of MSX enthusiasts from the Netherlands, who made several editions of (interactive) disk magazines, demos and this game: X-Space.


date 23-09-2032

earth was destroyed by an impact of a huge meteor.
Fortunately a lot of people were able to escape to space stations around earth …
The discovery of the universe went on, and people settled in different places in the universe.

On a piece of former earth, called x-space, a crazy scientist had settled, his name was Lop Niwre ….
He organized crazy shows and games.

The candidates were kidnapped from other parts of space.

It was a beautiful morning on zuma-8 and Patrick and Tom, two relaxed youngsters were kidnapped by Niwre

and teleported to x-space…..

They had to join an insane race, called the PhraserRace ….
Tom and Patrick were forced in so-called Phrasers and had to hit one another ……

The winner got free, the loser was brutally killed…


You can still play this game today! Thanks to the wonders of emulation.


Play Online in a browser: here

Or install locally on your own PC with OpenMSX, a very accurate open source MSX Emulator, which can be downloaded from: http://openmsx.org/

You would also need some System Roms to emulate the correct machine and diskdrive, which we can not provide directly here, but a quick search shows a few leads here and there though.

Information on how to install them can be found here.


Download X-Space from THIS link. Place the X-Space.dsk file in Drive A in openMSX and start the Emulator. In the menu that shows up, select X-Space and the game will be loaded.


You will need 2 players for this game, one playing on the keyboard and one with a connected joystick, have fun!